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TI Rakau

Maori Stick & Poi Performance

Ti Rakau Overview


TI RAKAU is a fun and unique energiser! 


Drawing on Maori stick games from years gone by that were used to prepare young warriors for battle, this activity will have your delegates performing in a synchronised display of baton control and timing in no time!


Since the early 1900s these stick games have been presented as a musical performance which involves choreographed throwing and catching of batons to the rhythm of a traditional Maori folk song.

We offer the option to integrate poi choreography into the programme 


This unique package can be combined seamlessly with the Haka to create a mesmerising grand finale!

Scroll down on this page for details on the Virtual Ti Rakau options.


30 - 60 mins

Indoors or Outdoors








Suitable for






Key Benefits

Online Workshop
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Virtual Ti Rakau
iMac Screen

Virtual Ti Rakau

Experience the Virtual Ti Rakau at your online meeting - an energising session that will have your guests performing a visually impressive sequence as one within a short space of time! Led by our charismatic facilitator, participants will create their own Ti Rakau batons out of paper before learning a traditional Maori song and preparing for their finale virtual performance.

This exciting activity can be delivered on most video conferencing platforms that offer a "grid" or "gallery" view feature. This will enable guests to see each other performing adding to the engagement and immersive aspect of the event.


Virtual Session

Recording Add-on

We offer an add-on option to create a video of your Ti Rakau session.


The video will be customised with post event inserts, visual and audio effects, your organisation's brand, highlights and key elements pertaining to the performance.


All editing and post production work is carried out in our multimedia studio. Get in touch with us for details.


Virtual platforms with gallery and speaker view features

No Apps Req'd

Competitive Option Add-on

We offer a competitive option for this event using virtual breakout rooms.

Each breakout is led by one of our facilitators who work with delegates on different performance routines.

All groups converge in the main breakout after a predetermined time for an exciting showcase of their performances. This  is followed by a grand all encompassing performance led by our lead facilitator.

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