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Do your virtual activities need to be hosted on specific conferencing software?

No for the most part. Our virtual packages are designed with delivery flexibility in mind.  Certain events may require us to have access to a number of features such as virtual breakout rooms, grid/gallery features, spotlighting etc.  


These elements will be discussed when the enquiry is made for an event, but we're to ready offer hosting on a suitable platform if preferred or when the need arises. 


Do you have any events suitable for private bookings to include families and children?

Yes absolutely! We love working with families and all age groups! A great number of our packages are adaptable to be equally effective for all ages.  Our event delivery staff are DBS checked and experienced in working with schools and a great range of charities too!

Do you accept last minute bookings?

Yes, we always try our best to accommodate last minute or urgent requests. The turnaround time will be mostly determined by external factors such as for eg. flight availability/times (if the event is outside the UK), weather and traffic challenges etc.

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