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Air mission-Grow model

Commit! Overview


Commit! is a unique interactive programme designed with coaching elements and a focus on team development. There are numerous exciting components to this activity which are customisable to each client's requirements and expected outcomes.


Briefly overviewed - delegates will initially be assigned to teams in order to undergo some 'flight' training in a number of aircrew roles such as navigation, communication, flight operations before reconvening as crews to operate a virtual flight in real time. Each role will be given the resources to operate their flight taking the GROW model of coaching into consideration and fulfilling KPIs within a prescribed timeframe. 

Teams will have to make critical decisions for the safety and success of their flight whilst being observed by colleagues who will themselves be observed after a quick turnaround.

A few surprises will thrown in, so quick thinking will be key to the successful outcome of each flight. There will be a few unexpected twists!


The practical element of this event is carried out on professional mobile flight simulators.

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Key Benefits

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Virtual Commit!
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*App integration

The virtual option of the popular Commit! package is delivered through a unique set up and format online - We employ multiple cameras that are set up in our briefing and flight operations rooms, jetliner flight deck and cabin simulators. These cameras will closely capture the instruments and other elements critical to the operation of the flight.


Our flight crew act as avatars to the delegates' instructions in order to complete the mission parameters using breakout room features.


One of our professional lead facilitators, who is also an experienced aviator, will present the event with the support of numerous support facilitators and crew.

*In certain instances an easy to download PTT (Push To Talk) app will used for additional live communications with the crew.

Virtual Session

Recording Add-on

We offer an add-on option to create a video of your Commit! session.


The video will be customised with post event inserts, visual and audio effects, your organisation's brand, highlights and key elements pertaining to the activity.


All editing and post production work is carried out in our multimedia studio.

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