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Music video fun


1 - 2 hrs

Indoors or Outdoors


and/or Competitive



Bandmates is a highly entertaining activity which sees delegates perform in their very own music video!


For live events, green screens, instruments and lighting areas are prepared by our film crew. A separate ‘green room’ zone is available for make-up, wigs and other equipment where delegates theme up accordingly, as they prepare to become music video stars! 


Following the choreographic sessions and make-up, filming gets underway with a view to having it finalised and ‘in the can’ within the alloted time. 


A memorable and fun programme that will engage and entertain all participants!

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Virtual Option

Key Benefits


We offer a number of customisation options for this event. From branding to the integration of conference themes, key values and business messages, our team will work with you to tailor the presentation to your requirements.


Suitable for








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Virtual Bandmates

Virtual Bandmates


4 - 300+

Up to 1 hr

Zoom / MS Teams

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Remote Version Overview

The Virtual Bandmates is a highly entertaining and memorable activity that will engage your online guests from the outset.


They'll be creating fun visual moments as a 'band' and working together to create and refine their very own track  brought together under the guidance of our professional music facilitation and video team. 


There will be opportunities for improvisation, choreography, a skills showcase with some surprising twists that all lead to the creation of their very own music video!


Once the final product has been returned from post production at our edit suite, delegates will be able to enjoy watching the outcome of their creative input!

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Booking Options

This activity is designed with flexibility in mind. We offer numerous options - from short, quick turnaround sessions to events that require breakout rooms and incorporate competitive elements. 


Integrations such as mobile apps, video uploads and submissions are available for this event, but are determined for each event separately at the time of booking.   


We deliver the Virtual Bandmates package on video conferencing platforms that offer virtual backgrounds and breakout room features.

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