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Welcome to Echo Fox!

Updated: Mar 29, 2018

Welcome to Echo Fox!

In the first of our blog series, Client Relationship Manager James Eynon explains why Echo Fox are completely different to any team building company you’ve seen before…

When you think of team building what do you see? Ropes? Quad bikes? Paintballing? For many people, this is what it is. And while these types of activities absolutely have a place, there is so much more out there.

Having worked for various team building companies, I’ve learnt a lot about what team activities can be, and what they often are. Indeed, I thought I knew the possibilities for team building before I came to Echo Fox, but after a few months here it was clear that I didn’t know the half of it!

Consider this, in my first month with Echo Fox, I have been drumming with year 7 students, flying professional flight simulators with CEO’s and learnt authentic Maori performances with electricians. It’s a range of experiences I never thought possible from one company, and it’s confirmed to me that Echo Fox has the widest range of in-house events in the industry.

The key to the success of these activities lies in how they make you feel. Most team building sessions (provided they are done well) leave you contented but not much more. With Echo Fox, you finish full of adrenaline and excitement, ready to take on whatever comes next whether it’s a meeting or evening drinks!

For us, it’s all about giving you an experience that you have never had the chance to do before. It’s about giving you a special memory to take away. You can go home and say, ‘I flew a Boeing 737 today’ or ‘I was part of a samba-reggae band’ or even ‘I choreographed and performed a drone aerobatic sequence’.

It’s about those moments of wonder and excitement where people are doing something they never thought they would or could and using those to draw out tangible learning outcomes. Samba drumming with a professional mestre is fantastic, euphoric fun but it can also show the power of everyone pulling their weight and instinctively following each other’s cues. Flying across the Las Vegas strip using a professional cockpit with the help of a qualified pilot is amazing but it’s also a great way to improve inter-team communication and presents opportunities to explore how you adapt to change and new experiences.

In short, the way I see it is like this; ‘just for fun’ activities don’t have to take place on a quad bike and L&D sessions don’t have to take place in the classroom. What we offer is a unique way of engaging people, with activities that people are likely to have not experienced, or may never have the change to go again.

So next time you’re organising an event and need some team building follow our three golden rules:

1. Make it memorable.

2. Make it meaningful.

3. Make it Echo Fox!

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