During the In^Tune experience, participants will be guided on how to unify a prearranged vocal performance with body percussion movement.

The session culminates in a celebratory finale performance that will leave delegates energised and with a strong sense of accomplishment!
Ti Rakau
Maori Stick Games and Poi Dance - typically performed to a traditional folk song, this activity will immerse delegates in a visual and sonic fun experience that's set to energise any conference or event.
Using pitched plastic tubes, delegates will perform songs in a matter of minutes. A highly popular and dynamic energiser that will leave participants feeling upbeat and receptive after a fun-filled session!
Beat It!
An exhilarating high paced energiser that will engage delegates in a contest of intense energy and determination!

Good natured competitive fun.
Get moving to your own body percussion rhythms! Infectious grooves and choreography with polyrhythmic vocal chants, a great way to energise your conference at any time of the day.
Tap into the incredible potential of what a team can achieve when they work, think and act as one.

Varying sizes of festival drums, from very small to large used to create a masterful sound.
The Haka
Inspired by the Maori people, prepare to exercise facial expressions and experience the raw power of this vigorous, but passionate and emotional celebration of life!

An action packed delivery of movement and vocals, that encourages self expression and will motivate participants at any time of the day!
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