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Body Movement Energiser


10 - 45 mins

Indoors or Outdoors




Body Perx is an uplifting event package guaranteed to energise delegates at conferences and meetings, be it in a virtual or live setting. Participants will be up and engaged from the outset!

It is equally effective at any time of the day, whether as a meeting opener, before or after a focus session, or at the close of a conference day.

Using a visual expression of body percussion, guests will perform in a colourful spectacular of movement and percussion, our energetic presenter will guide your guests as they engage in an enjoyable and fun performance that will bring a smile to both participants and spectators alike.

The session culminates in a wonderfully vibrant performance that sees guests synchronising tocmusic tracks created by our team specifically for this activity

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Virtual Option

Key Benefits


We offer a number of customisation options for this activity. From branding to the integration of conference themes, key values and business messages, our team will work with you to tailor the presentation to your requirements.






Suitable for






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Virtual Body Perx

Virtual Body Perx


4 - 300+

10 - 40 mins

All popular platforms

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Remote Version Overview

Virtual Body Perx is an exciting activity which will get your online guests up, moving, clapping and synchronising with each other visually right from the start!

All participants' screens will come to life as our energetic facilitator engages with your guests, leading them to a fun finale that will have everyone smiling and enjoying a fun and memorable moment! 


The online programme is delivered with many of the same attributes that make the live event popular.


Video conferencing platforms that offer a "grid" or "gallery" view feature are preferred as they allow guests to see each other performing which is a key element that adds to the engagement and immersive aspect of the event.

Booking Options

This activity is designed with flexibility in mind. We offer numerous options - from short, quick turnaround sessions to events that require breakout rooms and incorporate competitive elements. 

Video Recording Add-On

We offer an add-on option to create a video of your Virtual Body Perx event.


Our media will customise the footage with post event inserts, visual and audio effects, branding, highlights and key elements pertaining to the performance.

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