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All pages are currently undergoing a complete revamp and as such most links may appear inconsistent or with jumbled information, however we're working hard to have it all set shortly

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries.

We thank you for your patience and for popping by!

Our team works relentlessly to bring positive change to businesses around the globe through energising, motivational, empowering and inspirational team events!  

We are team the building events division of the Echo Fox company specialising in the delivery of exciting team activities around the globe.

An expanding catalogue of 130 virtual, live, and hybrid event packages.

Our sister company, Aero & Space Ltd has 15 professional flight simulators and a space 'station' escape room used for both virtual and live events that we deliver.

All equipment used on our events is owned, carefully maintained by us allowing for short notice bookings and quick turnarounds.

All our events staff undergo top level training and specialise in their field of delivery.  


Our world class team consists of professional lead facilitators, trainers, pilots, photographers, musicians, dancer instructors, workshop tutors, coaches, presenters and more!

All our events are customisable to suit key messages, company values and achieve meeting/conference objectives set by the organisers.


Team Building






Made to Order

Dynamic and unique team building activities that energise, inspire and empower!

Delivering unique and memorable 

experiences around the globe for over 20 years. 

We delight in seeing our clients, associates and friends achieve great things!  Always striving for the very best! 

All our event programmes are customisable to suit each event's requirements. 





team members



musical instruments
event packages

... in which our events have been delivered!

... comprised of full-time and trained freelance staff!

... being used by our event delivery team! 

remote, live and hybrid event packages in our catalogue.

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