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Group Karaoke


Creative vocals and lyrics


1 - 2 hrs

Indoors or Outdoors






Studies confirm the benefits of singing with a group across a wide spectrum of positivity: better mood, influx of endorphins, and increased feelings of communal value.


ANTHEMPRO is an energising activity in which teams will work creatively to write lyrics incorporating company values written to genres representing a range of decades under guidance of our professional music team and facilitator.  


All is revealed in an inspiring finale when each team is offered the opportunity to showcase their anthem whilst motivating other teams to join vocally in their newly written choral product.

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Virtual Option

Key Benefits


The genres, song selection, number of breakouts, and other selections will be made at the time of booking.

Throughout the preparation phase, our team will work with you to ensure key outcomes are achieved.


Suitable for


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Virtual: AnthemPro

Virtual AnthemPro


8 - 30

Up to 90 mins

All Popular Platforms

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Remote Version Overview

The Virtual Anthems package is a fun online team event in which guests work together in teams to create a vocal presentation of a pre-determined decade of music under the guidance of our professional music facilitation team.


This online event includes many of the same attributes that is offered in our face-to-face programme.  


Due to audio latency issues normally experienced with video calling we incorporate apps and use technology in our broadcast studio with software and hardware addIng to the immersive  aspect of the activity.

 Guests will be invited to have a smart phone or tablet at the ready due to the app integration in the activity.  All works intuitively and our events team are always standing by to assist through every step of the way.

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Booking Options

This activity is designed with flexibility in mind. We offer numerous options - from short, quick turnaround sessions to events that require breakout rooms and incorporate competitive elements. 

Video Recording Add-On

We offer an add-on option to create a video of your Virtual Back to the Front event.


Our media will customise the footage with post event inserts, visual and audio effects, branding, highlights and key elements pertaining to the performance.

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